Artificial Turf Installation

Did you know that Mid-America Sports Construction is a leading provider of artificial turf? We are in fact the leading synthetic turf distributor for the central region of the United States. The products we offer and our expertise means we are the perfect company to choose for your natural grass or synthetic turf installation. Our products make the perfect choice for football field turf, soccer field turf, baseball field turf, or any combination. We will work closely with you to determine the perfect product for your sports field.

We know that the needs of each our clients are unique. For reasons including types of usage, weather conditions etc., some clients may favor artificial turf while others may prefer natural grass. Whatever the case, you can rest assured that Mid-American Sports Construction offers a wealth of expertise as it pertains to the turf products you will need for your athletic complex.  

Artificial Turf InstallationArtificial Turf Installation

  • We are a leading distributor of synthetic turf
  • Countless turf solutions
  • AstroTurf partner
  • Full-scale installation and renovation projects
  • ASBA certified field builder

We have teamed with AstroTurf to give you the best synthetic turf solution possible. AstroTurf is a game changer, and is a proven leader in the synthetic turf market. With our field installation expertise and AstroTurf’s state-of-the-art product you are always going to win.

We are committed to providing field turf that will stand the test of time, and offer a durability not found in other products. The quality of the artificial grass products we provide is one of the many reasons our company is such a respected name in our industry. We invite you to learn more about the many turf options available at Mid-America Sports Construction. Contact us today to discuss your turf needs.

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