Athletic Field Contractors & Installation Specialists

Natural & artificial turf contractors that specialize in sports field construction

For large projects like sports complexes, you don't want to hire your average turf installation service. You want a turf installation company that specializes in turf athletic field design and construction. Mid-America Sports Construction provides skilled field builders who have experience with baseball fields, running tracks, and other athletic facilities.

For turf field construction & maintenance you can trust the expert athletic field contractors at Mid-America Sports Construction. The team's natural & synthetic turf installations include a range of high-quality sports fields for high schools, colleges, and more. Learn more about our past athletic field projects and read on about the different athletic turf solutions we provide.

Soccer Fields

From natural to artificial grass, you can expect superior performance from our soccer field construction. Mid-America's expert team is qualified to install both synthetic and natural soccer fields for your sports facility. 

Football Fields

Our athletic field contractors are ready to help you choose the right turf blend for your football players. Between tackles, fumbles, and rough blocks, your athletes need a football field that is ready for impact. Mid-America offers years of experience with football field constructions that meet players' needs across the country. 

Lacrosse Fields

From natural sod to artificial turf, you'll find our high quality lacrosse field constructions nationwide. You can trust Mid-America's athletic field contractors with your lacrosse field from evaluation to installation. Rely on our expert team to give you the best recommendations for your budget, field size, and maintenance needs.  

Baseball Fields

You can see high quality, durable baseball fields across the nation built by Mid-America's athletic field contractors. From field restoration to grooming, you can trust us to care for your players' home turf. Our expert athletic field builders are ready to work with your budget and needs for your baseball field construction project. 

Softball Fields

Once you're done updating your baseball fields, you can call us again to fix up your outdated softball fields! Whether your players prefer artificial or natural grass fields, you'll find what you need at Mid-America. Rely on the team of softball field construction experts to recommend the best design for your budget and players' needs. 

Hockey Fields

Ready for the quick cleats of your field hockey athletes, Mid-America provides high quality field hockey installation services. Get your players to the goal with natural sod or premium artificial turf from Mid-America. You can depend on our skilled professionals to recommend and install the best slip-resistant turf products for your field hockey team. 

Running Tracks

In addition to natural & synthetic turf athletic fields, trust us with your running track and field event surfaces. Our team of athletic field contractors specializes in full pour, paved-in-place, and sandwich system running track construction projects. You can see our high-performance track installation throughout the United States.

Whatever the field sport, you can depend on Mid-America for your athletic field construction needs. Contact us for a quick quote on your sports field construction project from our athletic field contractors today!