Red and green track in a stadium.

How to Build a Running Track

When choosing a builder for your running tracking construction project you’ll want to ensure that they meet all your criteria – including your budget. This will ensure successful outcomes for both the running track construction project and winning outcomes for the athletes using the new track. Here are some key factors to keep in mind […]

Marching Band and Artificial Turf 

Soccer, football, and baseball players aren’t the only members of the student body using the practice fields at your school. Marching band is an often-forgotten sport that relies heavily on the field for practice. For continuous use, choosing an artificial turf over the traditional lawn will provide every team member with a level playing field […]

The Benefits of Artificial Football Field Turf Will Blow You Away

Football players are notorious for playing rough and hitting hard. This makes for a great game, but it doesn’t mean good news for natural grass fields. Mid-America Sports Construction specializes in artificial turf installations for football fields throughout the nation. Artificial turf is not only easier to take care of after games and practices, but […]