Durable Football Field Construction

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Mid-America Sports Construction has more than 20 years of experience in football field construction and providing the highest quality in athletic complexes. With our ASBA certification, we are one of the few sports complex construction companies in the nation that is qualified to install both artificial and natural football field grass. This versatility, as well as our professionalism, experience, and dedication to your satisfaction, has made us one of the top contractors in the country for football field construction and field turf installation.

We are proud to service locations across America. Among our clientele are high schools, universities, municipalities, and more.

Two of the most important aspects for any athletic field are longevity and safety. Your football grass needs to be durable enough to stand up to the rigors of high-level athletic performance yet soft enough to protect the athletes from injury in the event of a fall (or a tackle, in football’s case).

Whether you’re having a new stadium built or simply wish to breathe new life into your current football field, Mid-America Sports Construction can supply your venue with the perfect natural or artificial grass to suit your needs. We can help you choose the right turf blend and base components to provide a safe, durable field for your athletes.

When the upkeep of natural grass seems daunting, there is an alternative type of football turf. Artificial grass has multiple benefits well-suited to football fields, including:

  • Durability to withstand tough abuse from players and severe wear
  • Environmentally-friendly due to reduced maintenance costs and renewable materials
  • Lower maintenance costs, since there’s no need to mow, water or fertilize
  • Lush and green all year round
  • Soft enough to cushion players against injuries

We approach every football field construction project with the same commitment to excellence that has made Mid-America Sports Construction a pillar of trust and reliability in the athletic field construction industry. For more than 20 years, we have been a leading name in football field construction, and we are dedicated to seeing your vision become a reality. Schedule your free design consultation with us online or by calling (816) 524-0010 to learn more about our football grass options!