Athletic Field Restoration

Turf repair services for worn artificial athletic fields

Not all of our clients are looking to start an athletic field design from scratch. Many of them are looking to improve upon what they already have. If you are interested in an athletic field restoration or renovation, Mid-America Sports Construction should be your first call. Working with clients nationwide, we see athletic fields that have been affected by heavy use, harsh weather, and more. For these clients, an athletic field renovation is a fine option. The work we do in terms of natural grass and artificial turf replacement will have your field looking like new in no time.

We offer a variety of services relating to sports complex design and construction, and take on projects of all sizes. Those who are looking to improve upon the field they already have should know the following about us:

Athletic Field Restoration And RenovationAthletic Field Restoration And Renovation

  • Mid-America Sports Construction offers all kinds of athletic field restoration and renovation
  • Our team of experienced professionals can renovate and restore natural grass, artificial turf fields, and complete complexes
  • We can work with fields in all states of disrepair
  • Our team is available to work on projects nationwide

The list of companies qualified to carry out an athletic field renovation is a small one, and Mid-America Sports Construction is at the top of the list. We can make the necessary restorations to your athletic field affordably and with respect to the budget you are working with. We will be happy to consult with you and begin the process of carrying out a restoration of your facility.

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