Field Turf Groomer Will Give Your Turf the Best Care

Get Your Field Looking Like New with Greens Groomer!

GreensGroomer has been a leader in the golf and sport turf industries since 1996. The brand built their product line from the ground up with athletic field needs in mind. Whether you are looking for a field groomer solution for a synthetic or natural grass field, Mid-America Sports Construction has you covered.

We are a distributor of GreensGroomer’s products, and we offer two different product lines for both surfaces. The natural grass option not only addresses topdressing work, but it helps give you a more consistent and high-quality mowing experience. Synthetic turf conditioning, on the other hand, with an artificial turf sweeper helps rebalance the turf fibers and infill, which all helps prevent premature wear and tear on your artificial surfaces.

When you are in need for a complete line of athletic field grooming, look no further than the solutions Mid-America Sports Construction has for you! These products will allow you to carry out the following services on your field:

  • The LitterKat Synthetic Turf Sweeper allows you remove any unwanted debris from your synthetic field
  • The GreenZapr is the new standard in synthetic surface disinfection, killing micro-organisms with the germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) lights
  • The Turf Groomer offers fast, efficient grooming of all infill artificial sports fields
  • The Spring Tine Rake combs through infill – relieving compaction, releasing trapped turf fibers, and assuring a level playing surface
  • The FairwayGroomer allows the movement of topdressing for natural turf in all four directions within a single pass
  • The GreensGrader is a soil-manipulating tool equipped to handle multiple specific operations – loosening the soil, leveling and contouring, raking out debris, breaking up clots, edging, etc.
  • The GreenSlicer gives the ability to spike and aerate natural grass without all the complex machinery
  • The GreensWagon is the most practical way to transport your walk-behind mowers

Contact us for any of your baseball field groomer needs. We can answer any questions you have and put the perfect product for your sports field in front of you. Whether your maintenance is on natural grass or synthetic turf, our GreensGroomer solutions have you covered.


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