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Durable Synthetic Sports Turf Installation and Field Construction

Mid-America Sports Construction is the leading distributor and installer of synthetic turf for the central region of the United States. We have teamed with AstroTurf to provide our clients with the best synthetic turf solutions possible. AstroTurf is a game changer, as this product is a proven leader in the synthetic turf market. The combination of our installation skills and AstroTurf’s superior product means you are always going to win.

We are experts at synthetic turf installation, and have installed our artificial grass products in athletic complexes nationwide. Synthetic grass offers a number of great benefits for those in charge of maintaining sports fields that natural turf simply cannot. From football field turf to soccer field turf and everything in between, our synthetic turf installations continue to grow in popularity.

Synthetic TurfSynthetic Turf

  • Realistic and durable synthetic sports turf
  • Built to withstand the rigors of heavy use and harsh weather to maintain its perfect look and feel year-round
  • Synthetic sports fields require no watering, mowing or fertilizing, allowing you to save significantly on water costs and field maintenance
  • Timely turf installation
  • Vast array of AstroTurf products
  • Synthetic turf replacement, repair, and maintenance is also available

More and more athletic complexes are turning to synthetic turf surfaces for their fields of play, and with good reason. There are many upsides to converting to a synthetic turf field. Our field construction experts will take the time to find the right synthetic turf product for your needs, and will take the time to explain the many benefits of choosing artificial turf to you.

Let Mid-America Sports Construction handle all of your synthetic turf installation needs. No matter the scope or budget of your project, we can find the perfect turf solutions and implement them in seamless fashion.  Contact us today. 816.524.0010

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