R3Field Solutions

Turf infill removal company for complete sports field solutions

Mid-America Sports Construction has invested in a state-of-the-art turf removal process. With R3Field Solutions, Mid-America Sports Construction is able to remove synthetic turf, remove the infill from this turf, clean, classify the infill, and re-use the infill. Not only is the choice of re-using your classified infill economically responsible, it is environmentally responsible

The R3Field process is far superior to alternative process currently being used in the marketplace. Mid-America's process will reclassify the material that comes out of your field to make sure that only top performing, industry standard infill is put back in.  This process will keep any foreign matter that is lurking in your field before hand out of your new field. Some of the items removed out of fields include: pencils, bobby pins, mouth pieces, cleats, helmet pieces, metal, and other physically harmful items. 

R3Field Solutions will allow your team to play on top-performing infill while your school will benifit from the cost savings. 

R3Think.... R3Duce.... R3Play....     Game On!


Turf Muncher

  • Remove the existing turf from a field
  • Remove the infill from the turf
  • Turf is rolled for easy transporting

Infill Muncher

All infill will be:

  • Cleaned
  • Dried
  • Reclassified, only top performing, industry standard infill will be allowed for re-use
  • Foreign matter such as physically harmful debris will be discarded along with infill that doesn't meet specifications set

Using this system of turf and infill removal will allow for the base construction to remain uncompromised. It will also allow for your school to lower liability, save costs, be enviornmentally responsible, and allow for a top-performing field. 

Please contact us if you are interested in any more information about our turf and infill removal through our new technology. Info@mid-americasportsconstruction.com

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