Turf Grooming Services

Let us keep your synthetic sports turf clean and vibrant for years to come, all with less maintenance than natural turf!

When you opt for artificial grass instead of natural turf for your sports field, you get evergreen turf that’s rugged, dependable and built to last with minimal maintenance. Mid-America Sports Construction offers more than management of sports field construction projects and turf installation. We also offer a thorough turf grooming service to help extend the life of your sports turf, keep it looking its best, and ensure it remains safe for the performing athletes. Proper care of your artificial sports turf is important to keep it in good condition and maintain a vibrant, lush appearance.

Our cleaning process involves three steps. First, our machine loosens and levels out the infill by penetrating the playing surface with heavy vibrations, decreasing the compaction of existing infill as well as increasing surface drainage and performance. Next, a rotary brush loosens dust and dirt particles attached to the infill and grass fibers. Any loose infill and fibers are vacuumed up and filtered through a system that catches foreign objects like leaves, lint, dust, human dander and hair, bobby pins, coins, dead bugs, and all sorts of other debris, some of which is thrown by fans. Lastly, we groom the turf with specially designed brushes that lift the grass fibers into a more upright position, which helps maximize the lifespan of the fibers and enhances the appearance of the field.

The machine that does this, our SMG SportChamp, is the leading machine in the world market and is the perfect maintenance solution for any artificial sports turf. Different attachments enable it to quickly and efficiently clean any synthetic sports surface. This cleaning process can take up to two days, depending on which option you choose, and includes:

  • A full field inspection
  • Spring time decompaction
  • Full grooming
  • Any seam repairs that are needed
  • A magnet sweep of your entire field
  • 1-day Quick Clean or 2-day Deep Clean

Part of proper sports construction management is upkeep and maintenance, which is a service we are proud to offer. While it’s true that synthetic grass requires far less maintenance than natural turf, it still needs to be cared for, which is where our turf grooming services come in.

Synthetic sports turf may not need to be watered, mowed or fertilized, but it does need to be cleaned and maintained. As time goes on and athletes play on the turf, the fibers will bend and lay down, setting them out of balance and exposing their length to direct sunlight. As is the case with anything exposed to the sun, this will damage and degrade the material as time goes on. Proper sports turf grooming will help preserve the grass fibers and extend its life, keeping it looking lush and vibrant for years to come.

If you’re interested in our synthetic sports turf grooming service, call us at (816) 524-0010 or contact us online today to get a FREE quote!