Running Track Construction Services

All-weather and durable surface installation for indoor and outdoor running tracks

Mid-America Sports Construction is a leading running track installation company, and one of the few companies that can provide this service nationwide. We have experience designing, excavating, building, and resurfacing indoor and outdoor running tracks, so athletes can hone their skill on a slip-resistant, weather-faring surface.

Indoor and outdoor running tracks come in a wide variety of composition types. The most common types that our team recommends for a variety of applications include full pour, paved-in-place, and sandwich systems. Each has their unique benefits for everyday use and rigorous athletic skill-building

Some major decision-making considerations include climate, level of traffic, permeability, and freeze/thaw cycles. Some track systems are not meant for high UV exposure and high humidity environments because it can degrade the surfaces faster than their life expectancy. For example, when a track is permeable, it’s common to see cracks or buckling happen during freeze/thaw cycles. Mid-America Sports Construction can install a new track or help combat these issues with track resurfacing services to existing track systems. This allows your athletes to get right back to training for excellence. Look at the product benefits to see which surface will best fit your facility’s needs.

Modern Full Pour Track Systems

  • A multi-layer blend of poured polyurethane and rubber particles
  • Sealed textured surface
  • Durable, all-weather surface
  • Resistant to UV degradation, abrasion, shrinkage, mold, and certain oils and chemicals
  • Most commonly used at collegiate facilities and commercial athletic venues
  • Provides the same look and feel expected for Olympic training
  • Made from non-petroleum materials, including SBR and EPDM rubber
  • Life expectancy is often 10 to 11 years with regular maintenance

Paved-in-Place Track Systems

  • Multi-layer impermeable surface
  • The bottom layer is black polyurethane base with bound rubber granules
  • The top layer is sprayed-on by a single or dual-component mixture of polyurethane and EPDM granules
  • Can be color customized, but be aware that some colors may fade quicker than others in outdoor applications
  • Great for high-traffic areas
  • Does not need rubber dust application
  • Eco-friendly since polyurethane does not contain petroleum materials
  • Life expectancy is often 8 to 10 years with regular maintenance

Sandwich Track Systems

  • Graded, impermeable running surface
  • Black SBR rubber granule base bound with a polyurethane binder
  • The top layer is colored EPDM granules with a similarly colored polyurethane mixture
  • Most commonly used as outdoor running tracks for high schools
  • Does not need rubber dust application
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Life expectancy is often 9 to 11 years with regular maintenance
  • Environmentally-friendly and made without petroleum components

Some indoor facilities will even ask for an artificial turf running space for agility training in fitness gyms. We are certified by AstroTurf to install their high-traffic artificial grass products. Our installers can also incorporate the use of padding systems to provide more joint support and reduce muscle fatigue in athletes.

The running track installation timeline for any of these options will vary. If the project is a new fill, then it is likely to take longer than a resurfacing project. Common complications that may extend your timeline is soil composition complexity for excavation, weather conditions, and special circumstances at your recreational, educational, or commercial facility.

If you are not sure which type of system is right for your running track construction project, talk with our experts! They can guide you to the solution that will meet all your needs. Our team is diligent in ensuring your complete satisfaction with the decision-making process to the final installation. Get started by contacting us online or by calling 816-524-0010.