Base Material is a Key Part of the Field Turf Installation Process

Proper Artificial Turf Construction Starts with Good Base Material!

Sports Field Base ConstructionSports Field Base Construction
Every high-quality sports field project with artificial or natural turf starts with the base construction. It is the foundation for your investment at your commercial athletic property. Mid-America Sports Construction stands out for excelling at building and installing both artificial and natural grass performance-driven surfaces for athletes to shine.

When you are ready to invest in a new field construction or resurface an existing space, you need field turf experts that know how to do installation from the ground up – literally. We use state-of-the-art technology with proven techniques to create a premium turf base construction prior to your field’s installation.

When you want a peak performance field, you need to start with:

  • Hand-picked precise stone based on your athletes’ needs
  • Premium support material
  • Maximum draining technology
  • Strategically-placed irrigation systems
  • Agronomic science-based soil selection

After the right base is in place, you can go with your choice of natural or artificial grass. In fact, many outdoor sports complexes feature different types of grass for the playing field, the sidelines, and the end zones based on level of foot-traffic. When you hire the right type of sports field contractor, they will be able to connect you to premium natural and artificial turf blends designed for its intended use. They can also do the finishing touches with line paint and any other custom turf painting.

Mid-America Sports Construction brings a long track record of success to every project we take on. The ideal base layer for your field will allow us to install a field that is highly functional in every way. Trust us to handle this very important part of the construction process with precision and care.

At the end of the day, we want the sports fields we create to represent the pinnacle of our capabilities. Solid fundamentals and good foundation are the elements found in the turf base construction and installation we offer for your needs. Trust our experienced professionals to provide a foundation that gives your athletes peak performance on the field. Contact us today to start on your project!


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