Field Hockey Turf Installation

Durable field hockey surface construction for intense game play

Educational facilities, recreation centers, and other professional sports complexes nationwide rely on Mid-America Sports Construction for all types of athletic field construction. Field hockey is a sport everyone can enjoy, and the turf field set-up is like those for lacrosse or soccer. The space needs to be large enough to accommodate 11 players on each side with room for goals. This is a supercharged sport where the players must be quick to get the ball into the goal on opposite sides of the court with the help of hockey sticks. When played on traditional sod, the hockey sticks can make divots and create holes in the turf, which is why Mid-America Sports Construction provides professional-grade artificial turf for these types of playing spaces.

Our sports field contractors can design and install regulation-sized field hockey fields at all types of facilities. This is usually a 100-yard by 60-yard athletic playing surface. We have the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) certification and continue to uphold its criteria. Our team is honored to receive this certification because the organization recognizes superior design and installation of athletic fields.

Inside look at how a field hockey turf surface is built

Our team can use either natural sod or artificial turf to build this competitive space. While natural sod has its benefits, the secret behind our superior sports field installation is our premium high-performance artificial turf products. It is manufactured to be used in heavy-traffic applications, which means it is tough and able to withstand action from intense game play. It won’t wear out or require frequent maintenance like traditional sod does.

AstroTurf, which is a type of artificial turf that we use, offers many benefits including:

  • Saves on watering costs for field maintenance
  • Features UV-protection for color-fade protection
  • Includes BioCel and Celceram advanced technology for a truly green product
  • Keeps cool with the SuperNatural cooling effect by absorbing water and releasing it when the surface is dry and warm

Since game play must be swift on flat surfaces, it’s important that the field hockey surface is as slip-resistant as possible. Our sports field builders use sturdy artificial turf and padding systems that will not displace. This helps prevent unnecessary slips and falls by field hockey players, allowing them to excel at the sport.

Our sports turf contractors work around your schedule, so we can install your athletic field when it is convenient for you. Simply choose your installation date, and we will prepare all that is necessary to complete your project on time. Once completed, our professionals will provide care and maintenance instructions, so you can keep your field hockey turf looking beautiful all season long.

If you’re ready to begin the athletic surface installation process, then contact Mid-America Sports Construction to design and build your field hockey turf surface today! We work with clients nationwide and offer quick quotes. Reach us by phone at 816-524-0010 or fill out our form today!