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Baseball Field Construction Cost

No matter how often you played or watched baseball, there is a chance that America’s favorite pastime takes people back to a moment when life was simpler. Either playing on a little league team or in your backyard with neighborhood kids, baseball has played a role in many people’s life. This is why it’s so […]

Football Field Construction Cost

Football is one of America’s most popular sports. People of all ages enjoy playing in friendly backyard competitions or gathering around to cheer their favorite team to victory in the fall. When constructing a field or complex to enjoy the sport, the first question is usually about the cost of the football field itself. There […]

Soccer Field Construction Cost

Soccer fields see some of the most action in sports. Due to the nature of soccer, it’s important to check the durability of your playing surface when planning the construction of your field. Unlike other athletic fields, soccer fields see heavy use of the entire field. Because of this, calculating the cost of a soccer […]