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Mid-America Sports Construction: Certified Field Builder

In the world of sports field construction, experience, and expertise help separate Mid-America Sports Construction from competitors. To help demonstrate our dedication to being proven leaders in this field, we obtained Certified Field Builder certification from the American Sports Builder Association. This program was developed by the ASBA to help raise professional standards and to […]

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Embracing Sustainablity in Sports Field Construction

A growing awareness of environmental concerns and the urgent need for sustainable practices in various industries is at the forefront of most construction fields. The sports field construction industry, generally associated with large-scale projects and resource-intensive processes, is currently undergoing a major shift towards sustainable practices. Embracing eco-friendly processes presents a wide range of benefits […]

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Unique Considerations for Building the Perfect Sports Field

Constructing a sports field involves more than just the physical dimensions of the space. To create a sports field that excels in functionality, aesthetics, performance, and overall experience, one must consider several elements. In this blog post, we’ll explore unique factors often overlooked in sports field construction – from wind direction and sun path to […]