Artificial Turf for Practice Fields Will Keep Athletes in Tip-Top Shape

Mid-America Sports Construction knows there’s a reason they call it ‘home advantage’ in the sports world. Your players know the field, the layout. They’ve played on it more times than they can count and call it one of their favorite places. But if you install artificial turf on your main field and not your practice field, it can pose a few potential problems.

Almost every school, college or university that has artificial turf on their main field also has a practice field. The problem? This field almost never has artificial turf. Almost every team shares the area they compete with another sport. Just like men and women’s basketball and volleyball share the court, football, men and women’s soccer and track often share the main field. This means your athletes are almost never playing on the turf unless its game day, meaning your team almost reaps no benefits of artificial turf at all!

Read on to see how important installing artificial turf on your secondary field truly can be for the well being and performance of your athletes:

Fewer Injuries

One of the biggest benefits of artificial turf is how much safer it is for players. Softer and spongier, the give that turf offers means significantly less injuries all season long. All that to say, your athletes are only using this turf maybe once other than Friday or Saturday night football game. Did you know that more injuries happen in practice than they do in games?

When the team is spending 90% of their hours playing football on a practice field without turf, they are more susceptible injuries that keep them out of the game when you need them most. When you have less mud and ground that is even, your players stay safe and ready for battle.

More Practice Time

How many days do spend watching film or hitting the weight room simply because the weather doesn’t allow you to practice outside? Without artificial turf, its easy to have a field that isn’t practice ready. Mud and water can create a disaster. Practicing on ground that is too damp is not only dangerous for your players, it can destroy your entire practice field.

When you install artificial turf, your practice field will always be ready for your players. Your team can focus on perfecting their routes and getting their player flow down instead of worrying about damaging their field or twisting an ankle!

Improved Player Skill

Artificial turf is also ideal for running drills that refine footwork and skills. Those pesky circuit drills the players dread partaking in are very much needed, even crucial, to keeping your players safe from disaster. Uneven ground may seem like small inconvenience, but when you’re trying to work on muscle memory, it can result in incorrect form and many other problems.
Incorrect form can lead to serious injuries, especially when you’re talking about your line of defense. A line backer dropping their head or shoulders to low can result in spine injuries and a trip to the emergency room.

Less Maintenance Cost

You might not care about the aesthetics of a practice field as much as you the main field, but you’re still spending time and money for upkeep, regardless of the amount.
Why not be done with maintenance fees once and for all?
When you choose artificial turf for your practice fees, there’s no more cutting or watering the grass, no more leveling out the field on weekends and no more worrying about keeping it in consistent shape for your team. It’s hassle-free and hands-free. Artificial turf means the only thing you have to worry about is the competition.

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