Mid-America is ASBA Certified

Did you know Mid-America Sports Construction has an American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) Certified Field Builder on staff? It’s true, and this is a very important resource for those looking for a contractor to build their field.

asbaThe Certified Field Builder Program was created to increase the standards of athletic field construction. ASBA wanted to combine athletic construction of tennis courts, running tracks, natural grass fields, synthetic turf fields, and indoor or outdoor synthetic surfaces for athletics. ASBA is considered to be at the center of the athletic construction business, supplying standards that set the bar high for our industry.

cfbMid-America Sports Construction keeps a Certified Field Builder on staff at all times. A Certified Field Builder must not only pass a comprehensive exam on construction and maintenance of athletic fields, but must also display a high standard of experience in field construction. Continuing to meet standards and demonstrating expertise in construction of athletic fields are ongoing qualifications.

We believe it is necessary to stay on top of the construction standards and technology in our industry as it evolves. This commitment is the primary reason why Mid-America Sports Construction is an ASBA Certified Field Builder. ASBA and Mid-America Sports Construction hold many of the same values when it comes to field construction. Both believe in providing the highest quality products and services for our clients.

The ASBA has many other services beyond certifying builders. It is also a great educational provider. The Association recognizes that the well-informed consumer is more likely to make appropriate decisions. With this in mind, ASBA supplies buyer’s guides for all sorts of athletic venues.

In addition to these guides, the ASBA website, www.SportsBuilders.org, also provides a directory of members and other industry resources.