How Much Does it Cost to Build a Soccer Field?

soccer field

Soccer fields see some of the most action in sports. Due to the nature of soccer, it’s important to check the durability of your playing surface when planning the construction of your field. Unlike other athletic fields, soccer fields see heavy use of the entire field. Because of this, calculating the cost of a soccer field can be tricky. Let the experienced team at Mid- America Sports Construction help you along the way.

Cost of Construction

Whether you’re building a soccer field from nothing or renovating an existing one, there are going to be costs involved in the construction process. Costs vary based on the size of the project, amenities and the type surface material you use. For a small field or one multipurpose field, costs typically begin in the tens of thousands. For large complexes typically used for tournaments or practices, these projects can cost upwards of a few million.

Every budget is different, which is why our team of experts with more than 20 years of experience will help you plan accordingly so the end product is a field or complex that meets your needs.

Natural Grass vs Artificial Turf

In recent years, surfacing has been a huge debate in the soccer world. More and more fields are choosing artificial turf for a variety of reasons. Artificial turf creates a smooth and level surface. This helps create natural ball roll and protects players from dips and dents that grass has. Players also never have to worry about being rained out. Our installation team will install state-of-the-art drainage systems that clear water faster than a field with natural grass. The result is no sitting water pausing or postponed game times.

Soccer players know that there isn’t an inch of the field which hasn’t been touched by cleats at the end of a game. Because of this, your field has to stand the test of time. While turf is often one of the most expensive parts of your field, choosing artificial turf over natural grass saves money in the long run.

Because Mid-America Sports Construction has experience dealing with almost every aspect of the construction process of a sports field, you know you can trust us to help complete your project. Our professionals will handle all the details related to your soccer field construction so you can enjoy a finished sports complex in just a short time. Contact us today for a free quote.