The Benefits of Artificial Football Field Turf Will Blow You Away

Athletes celebrate a win on artificial turf football field

Football players are notorious for playing rough and hitting hard. This makes for a great game, but it doesn’t mean good news for natural grass fields. Mid-America Sports Construction specializes in artificial turf installations for football fields throughout the nation. Artificial turf is not only easier to take care of after games and practices, but it also provides athletes with a safer surface to play on.

Use the Field More Often

With artificial turf, your football field can be used year round. In climates where rain can delay or cancel a game, a field surface that can withstand all weather is essential. Our state-of-the-art drainage systems keep standing water off the field and out of your way for games and practices. It withstands changing weather as well. While everything else fades to orange and brown, athletic turf holds onto its shape and color, and is usable well into the colder months.

Spend Less Time Maintaining Turf

When football season rolls around, you want to be prepared for players and fans alike. Turf offers you peace of mind because it’s ready to go without any maintenance. Field managers can skip the mowing, fertilizing and seeding – saving both time and money in the long run.

An artificial turf football field installation will also keep the playing surface more consistent. With natural grass, field managers have to be concerned with dips and dents in the field. High-quality, durable infill keeps turf fields consistent after each use.

Put Athlete Safety & Performance First

A reliable football field makes for better athletes – it’s that simple. Sports turf is specially designed to support players with every step and tackle. Unlike dirt fields with a thin, unforgiving layer of grass, our artificial football field turf actually cushions players and absorbs impact. This supports healthier joints and helps prevent injuries. Coaches and parents can feel more comfortable knowing that their players are well taken care of.

As one of the nation’s best athletic field construction companies, Mid-American Sports Construction is dedicated to providing the best artificial turf solutions with the best service. We design and install everything to meet your facility’s needs. Get started on your football field resurfacing project with a consultation from our expert contractors.