Marching Band and Artificial Turf 

Soccer, football, and baseball players aren’t the only members of the student body using the practice fields at your school. Marching band is an often-forgotten sport that relies heavily on the field for practice. For continuous use, choosing an artificial turf over the traditional lawn will provide every team member with a level playing field for their sport.

Marching Band and its Wear on a Traditional Lawn

Marching band practice can be more intensive on your school’s practice fields than other sports. Having repetitive movement in one spot can cause extra and uneven wear on the field. Each players practice time is important, and everyone should be given the same opportunity to practice their sport.

The marching band also carries around heavy instruments like tubas or bass drums. This added weight is further straining the grass. Dropping instruments can also gouge out chunks of grass and dirt.

Benefits of Mid America Synthetic Turf

Installing an artificial turf field will benefit every sports team member at your school. Artificial turf fields can endure more use than a traditional lawn while showing no signs of high traffic. They also provide more cushion for everyone that walks on them. Marching band can put just as much strain on the joints as other sports because of the repetitive controlled movements and the additional weight from the musical equipment.

With an artificial turf field, the marching band will be able to better focus on the task at hand, which is marching. If they practice on a field where another sport has just finished on, there would be irregular patches or chunks missing entirely. Members of the band should only need to focus on their pre-coordinated steps, and not have to worry about additional measures to avoid bad patches of grass.

So, when your PTA or school board is asking how much does it cost to build a football field – remember the field is used by many other groups as well. March your school to victory with an artificial turf install from Mid America Sports Construction.