Soccer Field Construction Cost

Soccer fields see some of the most action in sports. Due to the nature of soccer, it’s important to check the durability of your playing surface when planning the construction of your field. Unlike other athletic fields, soccer fields see heavy use of the entire field. Because of this, calculating the cost of a soccer […]

A Place To Call Home

After years of the football team utilizing Jefferson City Public Schools’ Adkins Stadium, The soccer team playing and practicing on a field on Missouri 179, and the tennis team using Washington Park, Helias Catholic High School athletics are receiving a new home. Being completed later this summer a brand new stadium, holding two artificial turf fields offering football […]

Graduation and Synthetic Turf

The month of May is around the corner and seniors are starting to get ready for the end of their high school days. Students are starting to say goodbye to friends and family while making plans to head off to college, but students aren’t the only ones making plans. Schools are preparing for graduation ceremonies and making […]

U.S Soccer Gets A New Home

Five years after initial plans for the National Training and Coaching Development Center, a blueprint can finally be found at the southeast corner of 98th Street and Parallel Parkway. “A long, long time in the making. You can finally start to see and envision what we’ve been planning for a really long time.” – David Ficklin, […]